We choose how to think about ourselves, other people, other species the world and the planet. Our thoughts which are transformed into words have power to influence what we belief, how we feel and what we do. When we repeat the same unhealthy patterns of thought, emotions and actions we contribute to a toxic cycle which imprisons us at a personal and or collective level in society.

We become victims of our own thought patterns resulting in higher levels of stress, anxiety, feelings of powerlessness, which affect our relationships with our partners, family, friends and the workplace. We forget what role we play in what we perceive is going wrong in our personal life or in the world.

Freeing ourselves from the toxic chain of stress allows us to transform ourselves and transform our life.

The 4 Elements Natural Reflections and Relaxation is a series of sentences which help us use earth, water, air, and fire as a mental guide to free ourselves of unwanted stress.

The intent is to empower you to have mental clarity, emotional balance, personal power, and generosity as you interact with people, other species and the earth which sustains us.

Once we begin the natural Reflections and Relaxation practices, we are willfully breaking out of the toxic stress chain. As we break each spoke of stress, we free unforeseen energy that has been misdirected. In the process we are empowered to use life’s energy for optimum sustainable health. We can feel better about ourselves and see the ripple effects with our partner, family, friends, and the workplace.

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