What does mental health have to do with Earth Day?

Our inner peace has the power to transform ourselves and transform how we relate to other species and the Earth. Self awareness allows us to remember the natural energy within which we were born with and which is within us now.

As we remember that energy, that spirit, that life force, we can improve our self-perception and how we relate with people, other species and the earth that sustains us.

What we think about ourselves, other people, other species, and natural resources, impacts how we feel and the choices that we make. The earth has a history of being an irreplaceable biological, adoptive, foster parent, grandparent or caregiver by being present, caring, cleansing and renewing itself to sustain and nurture all species. Hence here we are today.

This process has resulted in the preservation of life on earth as we know it even during the most catastrophic global challenges. Let us learn from such a great role model and be grateful by caring for our mental, emotional, spiritual selves which affect our overall physical health and our relationships in various life circles: with our life partners, family, friends, in the workplace with other species and the community that we live in on planet Earth.

This Earth Day, let us remember the natural energy within, that spirit that life force which is whole, peaceful and powerful. As such it is self sustainable reducing our constant need for more unhealthy attention, more unhealthy food, and more stuff with plastic chemicals and plastics.

Each one of our choices has the potential to harm or help life on earth.

This Earth Day make the pledge to:

Breathe - reduce stress, anxiety or depression.

Drink water - stay hydrated

Eat one fruit or vegetable per day - better health

Sleep - get enough rest to fuel the day

Free - understand what you fear and free your courage

Forgive - yourself and others feel the relief

Celebrate - life and relationships

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