Saving the Earth from Us

Hello, I am Tania Garcia a licensed clinical therapist at the Back2Nature Center in Punta Gorda Florida and co-founder of the Green Living Green Planet not for profit organization.

History shows how the human species attempt to mold the earth to our “wants” continues to destroy its natural resources and habitats which are essential for the survival of all species including that of human life. Instead let us choose to adapt to the earth, be thankful for its resources value the diversity of life in ourselves, other people, other species while co-existing.

All species living on planet earth are interconnected and interdependent. Just like “a man is not an island”, humanity is not an island in relation to all species. This means that for life to survive and thrive in the human species now and in the future, we must learn to share or co-exist. After all we all benefit from the water, air, earth, fire and each other.

But the question is how do we do this? How do we adapt in a way that is humanly and earth friendly?

We live in a constant state of “want” which is fed by physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fears of inadequacy, failure, not being loved or being alone. Our fears are the root of an insatiable want for more…its never enough. As a result, we often feel incomplete, disconnected, worried, sad or angry. In our attempt to fill the void, or get rid of these feelings, we use up more energy thereby depleting ourselves, other people, different species and the environment.

When we feel incomplete, we lack inner peace making it difficult for us to be healthy, thrive and enjoy life.

Instead let us be the natural spirit, life force, energy which was present at birth and is present now!

Let us acknowledge and truly feel the value of life in us in this skin and body feeling complete and connected. Life is peaceful yet powerful and as such it fuels a forgiving and loving spirit.

Let us forgive ourselves and others for any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain that we may have caused.

Let us sweep away all our fears as dust in the wind!

Let us learn how to reflect the inner light through our thoughts, for crystal clear thoughts.

Let us reflect our emotional sense of inner peace through calm emotions.

Let us choose to reflect our peaceful, powerful and loving spirit in each action.

Let us reconnect with a natural way of life that values life in ourselves, other people, other species and the environment. This will allow us to feel complete and connected.

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Tania Garcia, LCSW

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