Saving the Earth from Us!

Today this one invites you to Save the Earth from Us! Each one of us can be part of the solution to reduce our chemical impact on land and sea. We can be part of reducing red tides, algae, global warming, land-slides, and destruction of other species. We speak as if all of these problems have nothing to do with us, but it has all to do with us.

History shows how the human species attempt to mold the earth to our “wants” continues to destroy its natural resources. Our behavior impacts ecosystems thereby destroying natural habitats which are essential for the survival of all species including that of human life. Instead let’s choose to adapt to the earth, be grateful for its resources, value and co-exist with other species.

All species living on planet earth are interconnected and interdependent. Just like “man is not an island”, humanity is not an island in relation to other species.

This means that for life to survive and thrive in the human species now and in the future, we must learn to co-exist, since we all benefit from the water, air, earth, fire and each other.

But how are we to do this? We live in a constant state of “want” which is fed by physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fears of:

Being Inadequate – failing – not meeting someone’s expectations – feeling embarrassed - being alone.

Our fears are the root of an insatiable want for more. As a result, we feel worried, sad, and often angry depleting ourselves, other people and the environment. As we feel incomplete we lack inner peace, and joy which adds to our sense of disconnect.

These feeling rob us of precious spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energy fueling self-defeating behaviors which hurt us and others.


Let’s be the natural Spirit- Life Force – Energy which was present at birth and is present now!

Let’s acknowledge and truly feel the value of life in us, in this skin and body and feel complete.

Let’s learn how to reflect the inner light through our crystal-clear thoughts.

Let’s reflect our emotional sense of inner peace through calm emotions.

Let’s reconnect with a natural way of life where we value life in us, in others, and other species.

This will help us think clearly, feel balanced, reconnect with a natural way of life that values life in us, in our partners, family, friends, other people and species. Thereby feeling complete and connected as are all the fingers in one hand.

Tania Garcia, LCSW


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