Living Like a Tree - Part 4

How can we deal with adversity in the middle of a personal storm while remaining peaceful, elegant, and composed?

Sometimes when facing adversity or challenges in life we may feel alone although we are all connected. We all have been touched by the recent hurricanes and tragedies causing loss of live, profound sadness and a sense of uncertainty.

It is natural for us to feel overwhelmed during high peaks of stress due to tragedies or situations related to our health, overall wellbeing and relationships. Depending on the situation or event, we may not know how to cope with the physical, mental and emotional exhaustion that follows.

I like to share with you a self-awareness process that can help people thrive; cope with crisis, sustain health, and enjoy life.

  1. Reconnecting with “the best energy in us” or qualities, brings out the inner strength to acknowledge the adversity and our feelings. Are we dealing with a health crisis, difficulty in a relationship, or loss of a loved one? Are we feeling disconnected, worried or sad?

As we get to know and accept how we feel this “best energy in us” shines through reflecting qualities such as our ability to be; powerful, compassionate, forgiving, joyful, peaceful, kind, and courageous.

Through this reconnecting process we regain a lasting sense of personal power restoring personal balance to enjoy life and be better prepared for difficult situations in our personal storms in life.

Let us be like a Sandy live oak which best withstands hurricanes because it grows in deep yet fertile hence energizing sandy soils.

  1. Regaining mental clarity and emotional balance allows us to problem solve and explore the choices at hand for personal safety and inner strength; Are we pausing to breath, hydrate, taste foods, rest, re-energize and laugh?

  2. Reaching out. Are we truly reaching out to family, friends and neighbors? The problems of one person are the problems of all in the same sense the problems of all are the problems of one. Our willingness to listen to others opens the window for others to listen to us which may create a mutually uplifting exchange and a natural support system.

These three “RRR” are a beginning of a self-awareness process. We hope they can help you to remain peaceful, elegant and composed in the face of a storm.

Read part 5 – The power of giving love and kindness the last part of the series Living Like a Tree.

-Tania Garcia, LCSW is a Masters Level Therapist, at (941) 456-7949.

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