Detox the MIND, renew the BODY, and free your SPIRIT!

Tired of feeling tired, irritable, or on edge... Join our healthy cooking classes for a fun interactive flavor experience for an energized life.

What I loved about this experience was the recipes and how the ingredients were so easily interchangeable. The banana and oatmeal are the key ingredients into making the bar. Once you learn how to make and bake the bars the rest is a piece of cake... or a piece or an oatmeal bar! (pun intended)

We made a blueberry, walnut, and honey bars. Next time I would love to put in organic chocolate chips, crunchy graham crackers, and mini marshmallows to make a s'more oatmeal bar!

There are so many combinations that you can put together to make these bars! Fruit bars, nut bars, and chocolate bars are just the beginning!

For those people who are sensitive or allergic to gluten than this recipe and class is just for you. There is NO flour or gluten in the recipe!

Make these at home with friends! You won't believe how easy and delicious these are to make!

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