The Heart of Back2Nature

Re-discover the Inner Power

At Back2Nature we believe that Earth-Friendly Self Awareness can help people thrive; be healthier, and enjoy life.

There is an ongoing disconnect from the best in us and in nature. As “intelligent beings” a coming together of the mind with the all knowing spirit in this natural human body is critical for survival. Our constant effort of becoming more “mind technical”, disregarding our natural basic needs results in ongoing pain.

Unknowingly we may ignore our natural needs for survival as humans living on planet earth, causing undue pain. Life then becomes an ever ending search for health and happiness. Life in humans is naturally interconnected with life in other species, and life within the planet earth. Hence the importance of being part of an earth-friendly self awareness process which promotes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

At Back2Nature we welcome you into a peaceful atmosphere where you can find the way to a serene, healthy, and joyful life through: Empowering workshops to renew the body, mind, and spirit

Body = Physical Imbalance

Mind = Stress, Anxiety, depression

Spirit = Feeling Lost, or disconnected


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