Living Like a Tree (Part 1)

"We bent with the storm like a tree and are bouncing back with the sunlight. This is the beginning of a new day and new possibilities. Be the sunlight in someone's life today!"

-Tania Garcia

This series began while on a road trip to Rhode Island. My husband was driving and I couldn't help but see the trees on the side of the road. Some of which were in clusters growing together side by side and others standing strong by themselves.

My gaze was interrupted by that one tree that you see on a mound on the far side of the road by itself. Their age and their resilience withstanding the impact of the cars driving by, which, showed a wisdom that one would be a fool not to notice. I wondered how these trees could still stand after all the toxins they breathed in with the ongoing on-slaw of the human storm spewing smog. This inspired me to find how they could withstand all of that and still be green and beautiful. What was the tree's truth? What could we learn from them? How can we relate that truth in life to live and sustain "our green" and beauty through lives circumstances, situations, and events. Hence, living like a tree came about.

Right before launching the Living Like a Tree series hurricane Irma came through Florida which seemed like the perfect occasion to share this with you. So here we are talking about how we can be rooted to the source like a tree and maintain flexibility during a storm in life. These life storms may effect how we perceive what we really are, how we relate to others, other species, and the surrounding environment.

When I came out of the house, after hurricane Irma, I noticed broken branches and some uprooted trees and bushes. It seemed due to excessive rain and wind these few trees lost their hold on the ground. Many of the fallen branches broke off because they were hardened and brittle. However, most of the trees were still there standing which showed how strong their roots and foundations were. Their roots tapped to their source and spread out in a way to find nutrients and to sustain balance even against strong winds and adversity.

Are we tapping into life like the tap roots of a tree seeking and storing the best energy to grow strong and withstand challenging storms? Are we spreading our roots in way that sustains personal and interpersonal balance? A balance that allows us to enjoy personal fulfillment while feeling empathy and compassion for others.

I honestly feel that we as a society and as individuals can learn a lot from trees. Take the Redwood trees in California for example, their roots intertwine and work as a community to bring water and nutrients from the bottom of the mountains all the way to the trees on the top. The way that they reach out to each other to maintain balance, to become stronger, and to help each other is amazing. I saw that after hurricane Harvey in Texas and hurricane Irma in Florida that people from all backgrounds came together to help each other out in their times of need, just like the Redwoods.

The Baobab tree which is found in Africa is one of the strongest trees in the world. It is fire resistant, survives through droughts, grows to 100 feet tall, and can have trunks over 30 feet in diameter. Yet through all of its fierceness and toughness it still produces edible fruit. What an inspiration!

If you could be a tree what type would you be? Do you have a story your want to share? Lets us know in the comments below!

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