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Begin Today


Jack Nicholson said it best in “Anger Management” when he asked who are you? Not your name and date of birth, not who your married to, or your job, or how much money you make…but who are you? 
Begin today to Free Yourself and let your light shine. The same energy that is being used to hold you back can be used to set you free. 
  • Transform penned-up energy to heal and free yourself.
  • Find the words to express who you truly are.
  • Know how to connect in your relationships.
  • Become financially independent.
  • Feel alive by living here and now! 
Enjoy Your Relationships


Ineffective communication may have caused the initial disconnect, in one or more of your relationships. While self-guilt and resentment enlarged the distancing.

Break Free From the Cage


These fears are formed with energy drawn from your spark which becomes penned-up in unresolved challenges, conflict, and trauma. Most of us, may have experienced confusion, loss, alienation, bullying, mental and physical aggression amongst many other experiences which created reasonable, and unreasonable fears, which feed unhealthy beliefs about ourselves and others.

Rediscover Who You Are

Our personal identity includes our physical image, our age, our place within the family, and how we were raised by our parents, or caregivers.  All these factors influence our personality, which in turn influences our identity. It is sort of the case of which came first; the chicken or the egg?